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【迟来的爱】 dopod 700系列终于可以用上WM2005了,加入中文显示和

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近日forum.xda-developers.com 的"Blue Angel upgrading etc."坛内终于发布了关于PDA2K,IIS的WM2K5ROM.

 osted:  Tue Sep 06, 2005 00:13
Subject:  BlueAngel WM5 on FTP!

There is a file pda2K_2k5.rar on FTP that contains the WM5 ROM for Blueangel. Origin of the file is unknown, flashing it to my device showed that it is really a WM5 ROM that is working. The OS version is 5.1.1700 build 14343, it has MS bluetooth stack and no camera. The camera drivers are present, so I think it would be possible to extract app from Himalaya ROM.
It has no MMS application and no SIM toolkit.
I've repartitioned DOC, so now I have 61Mb storage area and 128Mb RAM that are fully accessible.
All hardware buttons are working, and the keyboard is working fine, though there is no control panel applet that allows you to turn off its backlight.
Making hardreset is tricky - you have to press camera, record, power and reset buttons simultaneously. There you'll have a choice to use debugger (something about KITL), reset registry and format built-in storage. Navigation in menu is done with camera and record buttons, exit - "mail" button.
以下是另外一个主题中提及的WM5 ROM问题解决方法...

Lets make a topic and post here fixes and useful stuff we'll find about WM5.
Here are tips to speedup WM2005 on BA:
1. Disable most sounds

2. Use registry editor:
create there a DWORD key named Priority256 with value 128 (all numbers I'll post here are decimal), this would eliminate clicks during audio playback
edit the "limit" value there and change it to a larger value. I recommend at least 32768 (default was 8192). For Chinese and Japanese fonts the value may be 65536. This would speedup font drawing.
Set "flags" value to 65606. This would increase a bit filesystem performance.
Set CacheSize to 256. This would increase cache to 128Kb. Value 4096 would make a 2Mb cache. Values larger than 256 does not give noticeable increase in performance.

3. It is very annoying that OS checks the digital signature of all DLL/EXE files. I've uploaded a patched version that does not do that to /Upload/Blueangel/test/patched_2K5_no_check_for_signed_modules.rar on FTP. It is nk.nbf file, replace the original file with it and reflash the device. This ROM version works a bit faster.

4. Finally I've managed to make a backlight fix, I've taken FrontLight.Dll from 1.40 ROM and made a CAB-file that installs it and makes necessary registry changes. This CAB also contains registry fixes from p.2 and missing EXE files from my lower post. To install it just copy it to your device and run. I've tested it only on patched ROM from p.3

Note. After editing registry you need to power off your device, wait several seconds and soft reset. Otherwise changes would be lost!



<DIV align=center>本贴包含图片附件(52.54 K) :
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知道论坛多是O2 MINI FANS,特别是高手们,大多玩MINI。
玩XDA IIS的相对少,但我还是忍不住要发出来。。。也试图挖挖XDA IIS的
潜水用户。</DIV><DIV align=center>NOTE: 只适合GSM/GPRS版本的机型,
Blueangel:  O2 XDA-IIs / MDA III / SPV M2000 / Qtek 9090
CDMA的暂时无法使用,各位CDMA的用户请勿使用此UPDATE。</DIV><DIV align=center>刷机前请做好备份。刷机风险自行承担。</DIV><DIV align=center>前一段时间XDA II/696 可以刷WM2005,弄得大家心痒痒。但是对于其他机型
一直没有支持的ROM版本。也就是前几天吧,爱好者们已经修整出可以装在    XDA IIS/
dopod 700等blue angel机型上的WM05的ROM.刚弄出来的时候还存
在很多BUG,经过大家协力,已经修正了一些大的问题。</DIV><DIV align=center>================================
本人刷机过程参考XDA-DEVELOPER上的资料,以及同朋友MWANG的讨论。</DIV><DIV align=center>取得的ROM版本 为 BA_5.1.1700_build_14343, 只刷nk.nbf,
RADIO ROM用的是以前刷的Radio_1.13_00_Converted_Type_I,不需要重刷。</DIV><DIV align=center>ROM下载:
ftp://xda:xda@xda-developers.com ... BA_Patched_pack.rar</DIV><DIV align=center>================================
准备工作:</DIV><DIV align=center> </DIV><DIV align=center>把原来的EXT ROM解锁,打开下载的ROM里面的Preparation文件夹工具
ext rom文件夹,打开,选unhide,重启,再选unlocker.就可以用file explorer看到
ext rom的文件夹。</DIV><DIV align=center>
的东西还原,所以,该复制的复制,该记录的记录。</DIV><DIV align=center>
确认安装的 Activesync 4.0。WM05不支持其他4。0以下的版本,没有的可以去
http://download.microsoft.com/do ... 638484e4d/setup.exe下载。</DIV><DIV align=center>
个人经历:</DIV><DIV align=center> </DIV><DIV align=center>
第一次刷,没format过ext rom,所以导致刷完之后无法安装软件(包括中文
显示)。于是刷回WM2003se. </DIV><DIV align=center>
心痒难耐,第二次刷,WM2005暂时没有ext rom,所以就算之前的ext rom留
新格式化ext rom,必须设一个最小值,于是就是128Kb。软起之后会出现一个
错误的信息,别管它,确认。这样机器的EXT ROM已经被重新划分过了,如果按
照设置128KB来看,你的STORAGE已经变成60MB了。</DIV><DIV align=center>
+ “录音键” + “戳软起孔” ),bootloader画面没有背光,显示的是serial。。。之
类的字。</DIV><DIV align=center>
把机器插回底座,屏幕上的 "serial" 就变成 "USB" 的字样</DIV><DIV align=center>
解压缩之前下载的ROM文件,里面有3个文件夹,打开 WM5_BA_Patched 文
件夹,运行 BaUpgradeUt.exe ,之后就一直按next next..之后就开始刷ROM.
过程大概10来分钟的样子。</DIV><DIV align=center>
刷好之后,取下机器,同时按 "电源"+"软起", 之后将会看到屏幕被分成4条
彩色等分,接着请按同时按“电源” + “录音键”+“相机键” + “戳软起孔” 屏幕还是
用“录音键”选取,按“拍照键”改变状态。改好之后按 “MAI”L键(方向键上方 4个
之后屏幕校对。。时区。。。恭喜你,刷好了。。</DIV><DIV align=center>
再机器上选择:Start -> settings -> Connections -> Network cards. 选
择"Remote_NDIS Host" 把IP地址的内容改成Use server-assigned IP address"
之后确认就可。 如果不这样做,activesync可能会用重复的机器的名字。之后如
果跳出"Cant determine IP address",别理它,按确定。</DIV><DIV align=center>
把机器放到底座上,就可以开始同步。</DIV><DIV align=center>
但是在机器的star ->setting ->system里面会发现少了一些东西,在backlight
之下也不能调节亮度。现在就用下载的ROM文件夹里面的Mamaich_patch ->
BA_WM5_FIX.CAB 复制到机器里面安装,软起之后再看看system 里面的东西,
都有。</DIV><DIV align=center>
装你喜欢的软件吧。。。</DIV><DIV align=center> </DIV><DIV align=center>===================================
其他:</DIV><DIV align=center>弄好这些,我第一件做的事情就是装怪兽中文,第一次刷完的时候怎么装不
过,所以不了解能不能装。</DIV><DIV align=center>WM05不支持SPB POCKETPLUS 2.的版本,安装的时候pocketplus竟然还显
3。0版本没问题。。</DIV><DIV align=center>
清楚哦,反正我是对那个30万像数的镜头不杆兴趣,所以无所谓有无。</DIV><DIV align=center>刷了WM05之后,机器的硬启方法变得不同了:
要同时按下 “拍照键”+“录音”+ “电源”+“软起”</DIV><DIV align=center>之后网上肯定还不断会有新修改的版本,希望越来越多的bugs被去除。 </DIV><DIV align=center>:br:
</DIV><DIV align=center> </DIV><DIV align=center> </DIV><DIV align=center> </DIV><DIV align=center> </DIV><DIV align=center> </DIV><DIV align=center> </DIV><DIV align=center> </DIV>

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复制到内存里面运行。当提示“reboot”,不要选择。按电源键关机之后等十几秒,之后再softreset. 如果选了reboot, 注册表不会更新,安装了等于没用。

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